Renaissance Primary teaching team is a very close-knit, warm and experienced team of education professionals who truly care for our students

Mr Peter Spratling

Head of Early Years & Primary

Ms Danielle Harrison

Primary Teacher/KS1 Leader

Mr Oliver Dowden

Primary Teacher/KS2 Leader

Ms Kerry Gittins

Head of Library

Mr Luke Turner

Teacher of EAL/Whole School EAL Coordinator

Ms Jill Nattrass

Primary Music Teacher

Ms Tania Van Nieuwenhuizen

Teacher of PE (EY, Primary and Secondary)

Ms Robyn Bews

Primary Teacher

Mr William Dimmick

KS2 Primary Teacher

Ms Jennifer Longmuir

KS2 Primary Teacher/ Round Square Coordinator

Ms Gina Byrne

Primary Teacher/ Primary SMSC coordinator

Ms Maryam Khalifah

Primary Teacher

Mr Simon David Gill

Primary Teacher

Mr Cian Kelly

Teacher of PE

Ms Rebecca Clamp

Primary Teacher

Ms Laura Kelly

Primary Teacher

Ms Sara Myriam Badel

Teacher of French

Ms Orla Geary

Primary Teacher

Ms An Khuong Nguyen

Primary Learning Support Teacher

Ms Kim Yen To

Teacher of Vietnamese

Ms Uyen Quyen Ton

Teacher of Vietnamese

Ms Kim Loan Bui

Coordinator of Vietnamese Teaching

Ms Cui Ying

Teacher of Mandarin Chinese

Ms Bich Tram Hau

Primary Teacher of VLC