Formative Assessment

We make ongoing observations of the children enrolled in the Early Years classroom’s and work collaboratively as a team to decode and decipher these observations based on our knowledge of child development which is linked to curriculum. We decide as a team how best to include these observations for the beneft of the individual child and /or for the wider network of peers. These written observations in their many forms, become part of the child’s record of progress of skills, abilities, knowledge and understanding and are added to the child’s individual learning story (journal) which is maintained in each classroom for every child. These observations are evidence for assessment purposes.  During the week it is highly possible that observations of this nature will be sent home in a specifcally developed proforma – for parental information, comment and as a platform for future discussion.

Summative Assessment

In the frst 2 weeks of enrolling, teachers and practitioners make observations based upon the Early Learning Goals outlined in the government curriculum documents. We use our observations as baseline assessments in which to develop individual targets for children and also as a means to highlight strengths and defcits which we believe should be known by all who have contact with the children in their teaching day, if they are to provide for individuals effectively. Summative assessments are carried out at the end of each term to determine progress and to inform future targets set by class teachers against the Early Learning Goals.

2 Year Old Check

On or around a child’s 2nd birthday, key teachers will instigate a ‘2 yr old check’. This assessment is based solely on the PSED, C&L & PD components of the curriculum and aim to ‘flag’ any potential problems to be addressed at an early age. This assessment will only ever be performed with parent consent and when the situation of the child is without external issues preventing an incorrect assumption (ie: if the child has recently moved house, has lost a signifcant person in their life etc (the test will not be accurate as external factors such as these can greatly impact on a child’s ‘usual’ performance) In cases where this assessment is not instigated – ongoing formative and summative assessment will continue as usual and these will supersede the 2 year old check with special notes attached).

References: The British Association for Early Childhood Education

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