Renaissance Early Years is dedicated to the newly revised 2017 Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS), which is the English national strategy providing a standardised framework and planned curriculum for the education and care of children in the Early Years, from birth to 5 years. In the Early Years department we employ experienced international teachers with recognised British qualifications. Renaissance is in the forefront of innovation and is already implementing the key elements from the new curriculum introduced in the UK in 2017.

The EYFS curriculum is a play-based curriculum specifically designed to provide equal opportunities for all children to develop skills, to flourish as individuals and to achieve success in a child-centered learning environment – thus ensuring a smooth transition into the Primary School. By enrolling in our Early Years, parents are giving their children a great head-start in life, because research shows the majority of children who complete the Early Years programme are achieving at a higher level compared to others.

The EYFS is broken down into 6 areas of learning and development: 3 prime areas and 3 specific areas which are all planned for and assessed as an ongoing support for development.

• Communication and Language including Literacy

Listening and Attention- Understanding and Speaking- Reading and writing

• Physical Development

Moving and Handling: Health and Self-care

• Personal Social and Emotional Development

Self- confidence and Self- awareness: Managing Feelings and Behaviour: Forming Relationships

• Mathematics

Numbers, Shape, Space and Measurement

• Understanding the world

People and Communities, the World, Technology

• Expressive art and Design

Exploring and Using Media and Materials, Being Imaginative

Children at Renaissance enjoy the challenges and rewards offered from specific teaching strategies, attention to active engagement with hands-on learning activities, collaborative opportunities and critical thinking skills development. At the heart of the EYFS is the fundamental belief that all children are unique in their learning pathways and possess strengths and abilities which teachers embrace and weave into their curriculum planning to ensure personal motivation.

At Renaissance we are committed to raising academic standards for all of our children while ensuring they enjoy coming to our school and learning in a happy and friendly environment.

Download  The Early Years Booklet for Parent 2017