The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programme is applicable to Years 7 through 13 and is guided by the school’s Acceptable Use Policy which requires that the attached form is read, signed and returned by all students.


For the purpose of the BYOD Programme students are allowed to bring their own devices to be used under the direct supervision of the teacher.

A device under the terms of the BYOD Programme refers to a laptop, tablet, I-Pad, notebook or similar.

A device under the terms of the BYOD Programme does not mean a mobile phone.

The school, through its network, will provide wireless connectivity. This does not include access to Renaissance network resources such as file shares or printers. Any or all access through the wireless network may be monitored and/ or recorded for the purposes of network security and student safety.


Before accessing the network, students and a parent/ legal guardian must review and sign the Acceptable Use Policy which will be regarded as a binding agreement.

1. The student is responsible for the device and the school will not accept any liability for any loss/ theft/ damage of a student owned device.

2. The student is responsible for ensuring that the device is in good condition and this includes updates, anti-virus software and general repair.

3. Device use is limited to classrooms where the teacher has given permission to use it and only the school’s provided email address can be used.

4. Students may not use any device or service for non-educational purposes during classtime unless permitted.

5. No device may be used to record, store or transmit any kind of image, sound or video from the school unless previously authorised by the Head of School or Director of Marketing and Communication.

6. If a reasonable belief exists that a student has violated the terms of this agreement the device may be inspected and/ or confiscated and the student may be subject to further disciplinary action. 

7. If there is any risk of spam or virus on the device as detected by the IT Department, student access can be terminated without any advanced notice. 


I, the undersigned, as a student of Renaissance International School, have reviewed the policy and guidelines that refer to the use of a personal device and the use of mobile phones. I understand that any violation of this guidelines may result in the withdrawal of technology privileges and possible further disciplinary action.

Student’s Name _________________________________ Date _____________________
Signature ______________________________________

I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian have reviewed the BYOD and Mobile Phone Policy and Guidelines.
Parent/ Guardians’ Name ___________________________ Date _____________________
Signature ________________________________________
14 August 2018

Download BYOD Procedure & Mobile Phone Policy 2018/19