Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a policy that allows students to bring and use their own personal electronic devices at school. Devices include but may not be limited to: tablets (such as iPad), laptops, netbooks or e-Readers. For Year 7 onwards these can include smartphones. With teacher approval, students may use their devices in the classroom to access and save information from the Internet, collaborate with other learners, and utilise productivity tools available to them.


Renaissance International School Saigon recognises the importance of technology and the educational benefits available through the use of technology. The use of portable electronic devices in the classroom can add educational value when such devices deliver content and extend, enhance or reinforce the student learning process. Teachers determine the appropriateness of in-class use of electronic devices, consistent with school instructional objectives, and with approval of the Head of School.

The BYOD programme is designed to help students keep up with the demands of the 21st Century. Helping students become responsible digital citizens will enhance not only what we do in the classroom, but also give students authentic experiences to build their 21st Century skills (collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking) to prepare them for college and career.

The BYOD programme allows for the integration of digital learning in the regular classroom, embedding this access as part of the regular curriculum.

Bring Your Own Device

Our school offers filtered wireless access. Students in Years 7-13 may bring a supported personal computing device to school for educational purposes with teacher approval. While at school, students are required to connect to the filtered Wi-Fi connection to ensure access to the best online resources. Students are required to use the school’s provided email to protect their privacy and may not use any other email address while at school or while contacted another member of the school community.


When using their device, students need to expand the concept of their school community to the community they will be interacting with online. Appropriate use of devices and rules concerning devices apply from the time the student leaves for school until the time they arrive home. Devices may not be used to disrupt the educational environment or violate the rights of others. Using the device to cheat, violate school conduct rules, harass/bully students or staff, or using the device for unlawful purposes will subject the student to disciplinary action. Serious offenses will be reported to the Head of School. Recording the voice or image of another in any way that disrupts the educational environment, invades the privacy of others, or is made without the consent of the individuals being recorded is prohibited. Devices recording the voice or image of another to take, transfer, or share any audio, video, or photographs that reveal parts of the body (ordinarily covered by clothing) is prohibited. The possession of pornographic images or video on any electronic device is prohibited.

Minimum Requirements of the Device:

  • wireless networking capability (wifi)
  • a virus protection program (if running a Windows computer operating system)
  • an on screen touch or external keyboard or other means of entering text
  • an audio out port and earbuds or headphones
  • a full functioning, recent web browser (Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari) that will allow it to access Microsoft Office and Web Apps for Education, Our SharePoint Portal, and the library catalogue along with other e-resources the school provides
  • Microsoft office, provided by the school

Responsibility for Devices

  • The electronic devices that students bring to school are their sole responsibility.
  • The school assumes no responsibility for personal devices if they are lost, loaned, damaged, or stolen. Only limited resources will be spent to locate lost or stolen items.
  • Personal devices may be subject to investigation in case of suspected misuse.
  • Students are expected to keep their devices secure at all times and not loan to others.
  • Students are expected to exhibit digital responsibility and follow Renaissance’s Acceptable Use Policy while using technology.
  • Use of technology is a privilege, not a right. This privilege can be revoked.

Renaissance International School Saigon BYOD Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement

1. Introduction

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme is guided by the Renaissance Acceptable Use Policy. This policy is necessary to take advantage of the learning potential this programme offers. The Acceptable Use Policy is designed to set a framework for responsible and ethical use of technology, protecting the privacy and ensuring the safety of our students and teachers. It requires that this form be reviewed, signed and returned to the form/class teacher. The Acceptable Use Policy applies to all technology resources brought into school.

2. Definitions used

BYOD: an acronym for Bring Your Own Device. Students are allowed to bring in their own devices to be used in selected classrooms under the direct supervision of their teacher. For BYOD, a “device” is a privately owned laptop, tablet computing device, netbook, notebook, e-Reader or iPod touch (or similar). For Year 7 onwards this can include a cell/smart phone. For the purposes of this programme, the term “device” also includes any similar product owned by Renaissance and provided for student use.

Access: Connections provide by the school follow Wireless Access guidelines from IT. This may or may not include access to Renaissance network resources, such as file shares or printers. Any and all access through the wireless network may be monitored and/or recorded for the purposes of network security and student safety.

3. Guidelines

a. In order to utilise Renaissance’s network services (specifically Internet access) and participate in the BYOD programme, students and a parent or legal guardian must review and sign the Acceptable Use Policy. This will be considered a legally binding agreement.
b. The student is fully responsible, at all times, for the personally owned device brought to school. The school is not liable for any loss/damage/theft of a personally owned device.
c. The student is responsible for the condition of the device brought to school, including updates, antivirus software, and repair.
d. Personal devices should be charged and recharged in a safe way.
e. Device use is limited exclusively to classrooms where the teacher(s) have given permission to use it.
f. Students may not use any device or service for non-educational purposes during class time, unless granted permission.
g. No device, personal or otherwise, may be used to record, store, or transmit any type of image, sound, or video from Renaissance, except for approved projects with the express permission of the teacher.
h. If reasonable belief exists that the student has violated the terms of this agreement, or other school policy, the student’s device may be inspected and/or confiscated. Subsequent or additional disciplinary action involving misuse of technology may extend to loss of technology privileges or further action as determined by the positive behaviour and anti-bullying policies.
i. the use of email through the school’s provided email address is permitted, no other email address may be used.
j. students from Year 7 to Year 13 are allowed to bring their own device.
k. If there is a risk of spam or virus on the device detected by IT, the access can be terminated for further investigation without advanced notice.

4. The above agreement and guidelines will apply to the following device(s):

Device___________________________________ Serial #_____________________________

Device___________________________________ Serial #_____________________________

Device___________________________________ Serial #_____________________________

5. ___ My child will not be bringing a device to school at this time

6. Agreement

I, the undersigned, as a student of Renaissance International School Saigon, have reviewed the above policy and guidelines. I understand that any violation of the policy or guidelines may result in revocation of technology privileges, and possible further disciplinary action.

Student Name_________________________________________________ Date___/___/___


I, the undersigned legal guardian, have reviewed the Acceptable Use Policy for Renaissance International School Saigon.

My child _______________________ is also aware of the terms and conditions, and has reviewed the appropriate school policies.

Parent/Guardian Name__________________________________________ Date___/___/___


Click here to download Renaissance International School Saigon BYOD Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement