Ms Nicole Bausdich

Teacher of Economics

Full Name: Nicole Baudisch

Nationality: German

Position: Teacher of Economics

Education and Qualification: IB Qualification for DP and MYP Programs, MBA in SME Development in Emerging Economies, BA. Hon. in Int. Industrial Business and Engineering, Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management, TEFL Certification, Senior PMP Certification.

Teaching Experience: 8 years of Lecturing in Vietnam in the Subject Areas: Business, Economics, Finance, Tourism and Hospitality and Employability Development.

Professional Accomplishments: 2 years Internal Verifier for Coventry University in Vietnam, 4 years Student Counsellor for Personal and Professional Development, Employability Skills and Soft Skills Development, 2 years Program Coordinator for Business and Trainer for Staff Development, Industrial Relations Coordinator for Student Employment, Int. Procurement and Strategy Management Consultant for Logica in Germany.

Description: I have lectured at some of the best Universities in Vietnam and worked with Institutions from Overseas to establish and quality-control their education pathways in Vietnam such as Coventry, Sunderland, Broward, Cambridge and Oxford University. I am looking forward to my new responsibilities within the Renaissance Family and am excited to share my experiences and knowledge with the future generation of young entrepreneurs and innovators. Due to my professional and academic background, I can simulate real scenarios in my classes, which support students in building their global mind set. I love cooking, exercising and spending time with my dog outdoors.