Summer School 2021

Greeting from the Course Director

Xin Chao!

My name is Daniella Raposo, and I am the Summer School Director for 2021. Currently I am the Key Stage 2 Leader and a Year 3 teacher at Renaissance. I have lived in Vietnam for 6 years and now call Ho Chi Minh City my home. My family here consists of all my wonderful friends that I have met here and my two rescue dogs- Lemon and Bacio whom I love dearly. I've been teaching for over 12 years and have taught preschool to university level students. I was a childcare supervisor previously in Canada and have led many teams both locally and internationally. 

This year's summer school programme is focused on STEAMS, Round Square, Wellness and Wellbeing.  The weekly themes are focused on the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. All activities are centralised around these three main themes. In Music, students will use instruments, songs, and movement to express our collective and individualistic talents. In Design & Technology students will explore body image; growth mindset; and emotion through CAD/CAM Embroidery Machine, 3D printing and Laser Cutting. In Sport and in Cooking students will learn about healthy eating and the food-body-health connection. Homeroom teachers will be teaching Art, providing engaging STEAM based activities that foster and develop our Round Square Discoveries of Teamwork, Problem-solving; Compassion; and Self Awareness. 

I cannot wait for your children to join us for what will be our best program yet!

Activities Overview & Schedule

Wellness & Wellbeing  

Wellness and Wellbeing sessions focus on the body, mind & spirit connection. Students will learn how to take care of their bodies and minds through various wellness activities that promote cognition, focus, and relaxation. Students will be taught how to meditate and engage in a process of self-discovery through a personal inquiry project.

STEM & Round Square  

These sessions offer an exploration of the interconnectedness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths- within a real world context- emphasising the Round Square Discoveries of problem-solving, team work, self-awareness, compassion, sustainability and responsibility. These activities will be practical and hands on.


Let's Move! Sport sessions provide a physical education experience that promote a healthy lifestyle while building gross-motor skills, confidence, and comradery.

Theatre & Art

Theatre & Art sessions develop and integrate reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in an authentic context developing fluency, and comprehension. Students will have the opportunity to creatively express themselves and explore a variety of materials that develop analytical thinking and creative expression. These sessions develop confidence and improve self-image.


Students will learn about nutrition, healthy eating and how to prepare a variety of meals that support development and overall good health. Each week, students will make one healthy meal.


Students will explore the elements of music through games and singing. They are challenged to work as a team to create a performance for the end of Summer School Celebration Event.

Design & Technology  

D&T gives students the opportunity to develop knowledge, skill, and understanding of making functional products. It scaffolds innovation and nurtures creativity by exploring the designed and made world in which we all live. Students will work in our state of the art makerspace learning about 3D printing, and laser cutting.

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Summer school 2021
Fee Structure


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* Fees are inclusive of tuition, teaching materials, meals and summer T-shirts