Summer School 2023


Get ready to enjoy the fullest summer with Renaissance’s 2023 special Summer Programme for students from Early Years 3 to Year 8 (2022-2023 academic year) (5-14 years old)! Students will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a joyful and meaningful activity-based programme that fosters cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical skills.

Activities Overview & Schedule

Physical Education

We offer a wide range of fun sports and physical development activities for students that not only directly improve health through exercise, but also encourage students to move and stay active. Through both individual and team sports such as swimming, badminton, football, basketball, etc., your child will be able to develop confidence and self-esteem and learn valuable lessons about responsibility, hard work, and even health and fitness.


Swimming is one of the few sports that uses all of your muscles while you are exercising. Swimming is great for maintaining general fitness, muscle strength and versatility. Renaissance Summer Programme’s swimming lessons are offered with the goal of inspiring students to take up swimming as a physical-enriching skill while also highlighting the importance of water safety.


To create, children need a basic vocabulary of musical experiences and skills, just as they need a vocabulary of words to express ideas verbally. Renaissance Music lessons will provide them with exactly that! Believing that our students are intelligent, curious, and creative, we aim to nurture their love and appreciation for music and arts by teaching them music perception and how to play instruments.


Art class is a place to help our students freely express themselves with their own talented hands. The class fosters strong student involvement through fun and beneficial activities such as drawing, crafting, painting, etc. Students will learn about watercolors, color schemes, mixing and applying paints. From there, students will go on to broader subjects and create watercolor sketches as examples.


Coding tests a variety of abilities: thinking logically, analytical skills, detecting problems, problem-solving. Those are some of many skills students get to hone when participating in Renaissance Summer Programme’s Coding class. Beyond enhancing personal abilities, learning to code helps students enhance their digital literacy, which is a skill that will help them succeed in today's digital world.


Renaissance Summer Programme’s Cooking lessons are perfect for students wanting to gain kitchen confidence during the summer holidays or for those who want to get familiar with cooking. Children will finish the programme with varied, easy and enjoyable recipes that can be enjoyed with friends and families. The class also provides a safe and empowering environment for children to learn practical life skills, independence and healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

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