First edition of Talktown – Renaissance’s student-led newspaper: "Edition 21"

Let’s welcome Talktown – our student-led newspaper! 


Our talented students are taking steps to become great communicators by publishing their first edition of the academic year, Edition 21, which focuses on online life and life as a student during Covid times.



Please access “Edition 21” here


This is a wonderful opportunity for students to write, produce, look, listen and learn. As fun and insightful “school happenings” are created and shared by the school community, a sense of unity as well as our shared learning and commitment is positively generated and fostered. 


A few words from our lovely Talktown Team: 


Hello from Talktown! 


We are publishing our first edition of the year, Edition 21! Focusing on online life and life as a student during these times. We have gone through so much as a school during the past 2 years but we see light at the end of the tunnel.  


As always, we are always looking for feedback from students and teachers about our content so feel free to reach out to us. 


In other news, Talktown has received its own email, for students, teachers, parents and staff to contact us regarding our content. In the future, editions will be published through this email and we hope to revamp our website and share that with you all very soon. 

Please stay tuned and safe! 



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