Round Square Discoveries Day 2022

Save the date and join us next Saturday! On 4 June, Renaissance is thrilled to host our annual Family Round Square Discoveries Day (Fun Day) and Talent Show! All families and staff are invited to attend the event from 9:00 AM.


Round Square Day Fun Day & Talent Show 2022

Our dear students will be participating in many games and activities, followed by a Talent Show where they get to showcase their potential in different ways in front of the audience and a panel of judges.


Aiming to foster camaraderie and unity among families and within the community, we would also like to invite our Renaissance parents and guardians into school to participate in a series of friendly sporting events where we will play with teams comprising both parents and staff together at the same time. 


This year we hope to welcome as many family members to the event as possible: to help us cheer on the students, take photos of them having a great time and participate in various exciting activities as well! 


Please do not forget to register for the games that your families would like to participate in. We look forward to seeing you all there – and we wish all of the participants (big and small), the best of luck on the day! 


Date: Saturday, June 4 
Time: 9:00AM – 11:30AM (Fun Day), 12:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Talent Show) 
Venue: On the field for Fun Day, Theatre for Talent Show 



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