“People, Victory and Life after the War” Exhibition - Opening Reception 25.03.2021

Congratulations to the Nguyen Art Foundation, our school’s art partner, for successfully holding the opening reception of their exhibition: “People, Victory and Life after the War” last week on Thursday, March 25. We were very happy that some of our students were involved in the process of curating this show. As stated by Mr Peter Gittins in his speech in the event: “Whilst this exhibition is about art, it also is representative of the power of collaboration and how much can be achieved when teachers and students actively participate in a generative process. It has provided students with the opportunity to reflect on their own history, to appreciate the resilience and determination of their forebears, to understand the socio-political dimensions of the time and to appreciate the successes of the Vietnam that emerged as a result. As we all know, art is interpretative and allows an individual the freedom to come to his / her own conclusions, to interpret and to think independently. It is liberating, impactful, empowering and above all a powerful expressive medium without boundaries.”

For more information, please visit: http://nguyenartfoundation.com/People-Victory-and-Life... or

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