Student Workshop with Art Curator

This month in collaboration with the Nguyen Art Foundation, Renaissance students had an opportunity to work with Ms Jeab Gridthiya, an experienced curator based in Bangkok.

The idea of the workshop was to use the curatorial process and exhibition-making as tools for learning and to use the 90 piece collection to help students understand the art history of Vietnam in association with its social and political contexts. This workshop is part of an overall aim to encourage the students to look and think about art works critically.

In the workshop, the students listened about the process of curation and selected and connected the art works to form the narratives of the exhibition. The students then joined an online ‘curatorial workshop’ where the curator asked them to identify the description, the idea behinds the works and the context of the selected works.

Many students participated in the workshop and many thanks to Ms Atlanta for facilitating this wonderful experience. After the workshop, Jeab asked the students to explain the art works and how they connected with each other. They were able to articulate their ideas eloquently which impressed Ms Jeab greatly. “I’m very impressed with the quality of their language skills as well as their analytical thinking.” Jeab said.

*Jeab is a curator based in Bangkok and serves as an artistic director at Jim Thompson Art Center. Since 1996, she co-founded Project 304, an independent art organization with her artist friends from Thailand. She has curated art exhibitions and film festival including Underconstruction, Tokyo Opera City Gallery and Japan Foundation, Tokyo (2003); politics of fun, HKW, Berlin (2005), Saigon Open City, Vietnam (2006-7), Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Chiangmai, Hong Kong, Manila, Chicago, Taipei (2016-2020). Currently she is working with the opening exhibitions and program for the new building of Jim Thompson Art Center to be ready in the first quarter of 2021.

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