University Destinations

Our curriculum leads to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and IB Diploma qualifications, which are recognised by all leading colleges and universities in the world. Students at Renaissance are exposed to a number of universities from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea who visit our school to talk about career options and consult with students and parents about study choices.

Why do many prestigious universities encourage applications from students with the IB Diploma?

IB students often attend high-ranking universities and excel at their learning. Research demonstrates that IB Diploma graduates achieve higher grades and final degrees than non-DP students from universities and also have significantly lower drop-out rates. This is because the IB teaches more than just academic content; the qualification requires students to demonstrate:

  • Critical thinking
  • Research methods
  • Organisation and time management skills
  • Proficiency across a range of subjects including maths, science, humanities, arts, and languages
  • Structured writing techniques
  • An international mindset
  • Creative and innovative thinking.

We are proud that Renaissance IB graduates are fully-equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in whatever path they choose to follow and that they make a positive contribution to their communities.

What help does Renaissance provide graduating students applying to university?

Our University and College Counsellor starts working with students at an early stage to ensure they make IGCSE subject choices appropriate to their potential career paths. During the two-year IB Diploma programme in years 12 and 13, students are invited to attend interactive careers workshops, university and college fairs and one-to-one sessions with our University and College Counsellor who will guide their individual application process according to the countries they are applying to.

Which universities do Renaissance graduates attend?

Since the first graduating cohort in 2008, our students have studied at top ranking universities and colleges around the world and gone on to forge interesting and challenging careers. We are excited for their future and look forward to them achieving success and happiness in their chosen fields.

These are just some of the universities that our graduates have gone onto study at: