Student Support Services

At Renaissance we are deeply committed to meeting the needs of every student we enrol and student welfare and well-being is a top priority.

Under the leadership of a Head of Department, Student Support Services cover three distinct areas at Renaissance.


The school employs highly qualified specialists to support students with mild to moderate learning needs as determined as part of the Admissions process. The Learning Support team works closely with parents and strongly believes that all students can learn, progress and achieve in an inclusive school environment.

The team has excellent links with learning support specialists in the community and is able to make referrals if and where necessary.


Language learning at Renaissance is underpinned by a recognition of the importance of acquiring English together with a deep respect for the mother tongue. The school’s EAL programme provides in-class and small group support to English language learners and our highly trained teachers see it as their role to work collaboratively with parents, students and teachers to ensure that all students have the required level of linguistic proficiency to enable them to access the curriculum.

Given the language intensive nature of our Secondary programmes, any student entering into Year 10 and above must have a language proficiency level of B1 or, alternatively, score at least 100 on three non-verbal sections of the CAT 4 cognitive ability admissions test.


Renaissance has a fundamental commitment to student welfare and well-being. Our College Counselling services are delivered by a trained College Counsellor who works closely with universities and colleges whilst our pastoral programme is both integrated in the curriculum and delivered as part of the Form tutor period.

We see academic counselling as the role of every teacher in the school and, where necessary, the Counsellor and Divisional Heads and Key Stage leaders play an important role in this area. The Counsellor is also involved in personal counselling and in making appropriate referral if and when necessary.