Strategic Vision

As one of the leading international schools in Saigon, Renaissance International School is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that nurtures growth, inspires creativity, and instills a deep love for learning. Our school spans a diverse and inclusive community of students and educators from all around the world.
Core Values:
At Renaissance International School, our core values are the driving force behind our vibrant community. In developing our Strategic Vision for the school, we work to deliver value in 4 key areas:
  1. Exceptional Experiences: It is our belief that children only have but a short period in education. We seek to make the most of this time. All that we do for students, parents and faculty is designed to deliver exceptional experiences that provide true meaning and fulfillment, professionally and educationally.
  2. Outstanding Educators: We celebrate diverse cultures and promote global citizenship, fostering a respectful and inclusive environment. We equally recognise the need for educators to display excellence in their teaching and learning practice.
  3. First Class Facilities: The school is committed to constant refurbishment and enhancement of facilities to provide a safe and exciting environment, most conducive to students’ development.
  4. Unparalleled Service: We believe that all stakeholders deserve to receive levels of service that makes them proud to belong to the Renaissance International School community. Empathy and attention to detail are hallmarks of this commitment to service quality.