Physical education and Wellbeing are a major part of life at Renaissance, with all students from Reception to Grade 13 participating in 2 PE lessons per week and many also enthusiastically joining our after school sports coaching.

House sport also takes place during Physical Education lessons or at alternative times, for example our House Athletics Carnival gives students a chance to represent their House in a range of sports and physical activities. This adds to their sense of belonging with House spirit being a prime motivational factor.  

In addition to weekly PE lessons and regular inter-house competitions, students can represent the school at multiple sporting fixtures and events against other international schools in HCMC, from District 2 and 7.  

These games are played as part of the SISAC league season, in sports ranging from Basketball, Football to Badminton and Netball for students from U9 age through to U19 age group.

Furthermore, Renaissance is a member of, the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA).  Students are invited and can take part in sporting competitions against other schools in Southeast Asia, in numerous sports from U11 to U19 age groups. These include fun and enriching residential trips.

Thanyapura Resort & Spa in Phuket, Thailand. Photo by: Sports Tours International

In the Primary PE years, students focus on basic motor skills of catching, throwing, running, and jumping. As students move into Grade 7-9 the PE lessons are taught focusing on the IB MYP curriculum* so that not only are skills taught, but leadership qualities and teamwork are emphasized.

As students move into Grade 10-13, they have a choice of selecting a more specialized focus, with IGCSE Physical Education, IB sports Exercise and Health Science (SEHS) and core PE.

IGCSE and IB SEHS are more focused on the theoretical aspects of Sport/Science and how students can link this to skill development and overall health benefits for life outside of school.

The core PE lessons focus more on optional activities and recreational pursuits such as Ultimate Frisbee and floor hockey. Physical Education teaches students about the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, focusing on lifelong skills including teamwork, self-management, communication and developing a positive sense of sportsmanship.

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